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The employees of Industrial Water Service, located in El Paso, have over 150 years experience in the design, sales and service of water treatment equipment. The affiliation that IWS has with companies such as General Electric Water Technologies, Georg Fischer Sloane, Georg Fischer Signet and other major suppliers, allows IWS to offer its customers equipment of the highest quality.

Industrial Water Service

The IWS product portfolio combined with extensive experience in the design, integration and fabrication of equipment provides IWS the ability to provide solutions for all aspect of water treatment including industrial and municipal.

Design/Build projects that IWS has successfully completed include a fully functional water treatment plant at a major electronics company incorporating high purity water into the process. The plant recycles 65% of the waste stream back into the process.IWS has designed and built equipment that covers a broad spectrum of available technologies. From simple filtration, to the highest purity water, Industrial Water Services covers the entire range of water processes.

Reverse osmosis plants completed by Industrial Water Services include the following. RO treatment system serving 120 GPM Permeate in a single unit, the soon to be commissioned RO Plant with 600 GPM Permeate in twin units. Currently in process is a reverse osmosis unit rated at 700 GPM Permeate in a single unit. Recently completed industrial projects include a twin alternating RO system (220 GPM Permeate Twin Units) with filox and carbon filtration for treatment of well water and a highly  specialized, all stainless steel, double pass RO system (60 GPM Permeate Single Unit) for a large industrial customer.

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  • A Closer Look

    We are Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) certified and Minority Owned. From filtration to deionization, IWS has experience in providing the proper equipment to meet the needs of any industrial or municipal customer. Cutting edge technology is always utilized in the design of systems ensuring the customer’s needs are met in a cost effective manner.

    Industrial Water Services is the leader in aftermarket support for equipment produced and installed in the El Paso Area. No other company in this area has the manpower and expertise to provide the timely response required by our customers. The commitment to excellence is the driving force behind Industrial Water Services.

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